Best Easy to Use Xbox One Emulators for Your Windows PC

There are numerous reasons why you may want to run an emulator on your PC. Perhaps you want play old classics like Pac-Man, LEGO or Call of Duty, or maybe you would just like to test how your favorite games will perform on a laptop. Whatever the reason, here are the best xbox one emulators for windows pc that i have listed below.

Games are not just meant to be played but also enjoyed by everyone including the elders and we know that one of the best xbox one emulators is going to be a huge hit among the family members.

What is Xbox One Emulator?

Is there an emulator for Xbox one? Yes there is, it is a software which pretend like Xbox one console and provide you environment like Xbox one by replicating the user interface of Xbox one gaming console. With the help of this emulator you can play and enjoy Xbox one games on windows pc without any trouble.

9 Best Xbox One Emulators for Windows PC

Can you emulate Xbox one on PC? Answer is yes and with the help of an emulator, you can play Xbox games on your PC. Below are a few of the best emulators through which you can play Xbox games in windows.

Note: If you want to download emulator then click on their names and it’ll take you directly to the official download website.

1.CXBX Emulator – Overall Best Emulator

The first one is the CXBX XBOX emulator for PC. It holds up the first position because it is the best emulator to play Xbox games on your PC. It is very much stable and provides a good experience in gaming.

CXBX Emulator allows us to run any Xbox one and Xbox 360 games on our PC. With the CXBX emulator’s help, you can make any box console games into .exe windows executable file and play the game on your PC.

cxbx emulator

The CXBX emulator is also one of the very few emulators that can run Xbox Pixel radiators and can simulate different SDK models of Xbox. Not only that, but it also comes with Xbox executable viewer to manage and view game files right on your PC.

Keep in mind to run the CXBX emulator, you must have a very high-end PC since emulators use a very high resource, and this emulator is running Xbox console games. So it needs a severely high resource to run the games smoothly.

2.Xeon Emulator 

Xeon is yet another Xbox emulator for Pc, which delivers fair console gaming on PC. The Xeon emulator’s key feature is that it comes with a backup creator tool to save all your gaming progress.

Like CXBX, this Xeon emulator is also very stable and gives a lag-free gaming experience. Another outstanding feature of this Xeon emulator is that it has better compatibility. It supports both Windows and MS-DOS OS.

Some other key benefits of using this emulator are that it comes with a manual that helps you simulate the PC’s box game. This emulator is the best Xbox emulator for PC but with a caveat.

The only caveat it has is that the developer has stopped working on this emulator. Thus no more future updates for this. However, it runs just fine and can simulate most of the games.


In the third position, we have Xenia Emulator for PC. It is yet another outstanding emulator that can simulate Xbox games on Windows PC.

Xenia is an Xbox 360 emulator and can simulate more than 50 Xbox 360 and Xbox one games. It can occasionally stutter at some bits. Other than that, most of the time, it runs smoothly, doesn’t compromise on the overall experience of console gaming on PC.

One advantage of Xenia over the Xeon emulator is that Xenia developers are consistently working hard and are updating their emulator timely to fix the bugs and issues. After every update, the stability of the overall emulator improves a lot.

4.DXBX emulator

The DXBX emulator is an advanced version of the CXBX emulator. Since both of them runs on the same source code. But it has some more features which were missing in the CXBX emulator.

The DXBX emulator can also convert the Xbox game files into .exe Windows executable file, allowing us to play Xbox games on PC. It is mainly an Xbox 360 emulator, but it works just fine with the box One games as well.

The DXBX emulator’s compatibility is excellent since it supports all Windows versions from 7/8/8.1/10. The main drawback of the DXBX emulator is that it runs only on a 32-bit operating system.

So if you have a 64- bit operating system, the DXBX emulator won’t work on your PC. This flaw is one major setback for many of the users. Nowadays, most of the users run a 64-bit operating system only.

5.PCSX2 Emulator 

The PCSX2 is an emulator that comes in handy to emulate the PS2 games on Windows PC. It works similar to what the Xbox emulators do to windows PC. Except it runs Sony’s PS 2 games.

There are many advantages to this emulator, but one of the major ones is the graphics department’s improvement. With this emulator, you can run on custom 4096 x 4096 resolution along with anti-aliasing and texture filtering. It improves the graphics, which makes it look even better than the HD remakes.

Another useful feature is the save states, which saves and loads the game almost at any stage in the game. It uses a pnatch patching system by which using cheats is easy. There is a built-in frame limiter as well. Easily the best recommended emulator to emulate PS 2 games on Windows PC.

6.HackiNations Emulator

This HackiNations emulator is one of the popular choices of Xbox One emulators on PC. The primary reason why it is popular is that it can run one of the most esteemed titles of Xbox games flawlessly.

Few examples would be Forza Horizon 3, Gear of War 4, and more. It supports USB ports; thus, you can even play games using a USB controller, giving you a complete console experience on your Pc itself.

7.BolXEMU Emulator

BolXEmu is one of the best emulators which can be used to emulate console games on PC. This emulator supports games of both Xbox One as well as Xbox 360 console. It is designed to run on Windows, Linux, IOS, and Android as well. So it has a wide variety of support for cross platforms.

With the help of Vsync technology, the FPS is high and stable. This emulator can also use your system’s graphics power if it has Nvidia or Radeon GPU. The emulator can auto adjust the graphics settings according to the system, which is just time-saving. Overall a good emulator that has good developer’s support.

8.XQEMU Emulator

XQEMU is one of the most accurate and stable emulators. The reason is that it works on low-level emulation. There are some performance issues, but this emulator has the highest number of supported games amongst any other emulator.


It supports CPU virtualization to improve performance. The developers are actively working on the XQEMU emulator to improve its performance and stability.


It is an all in one emulator. The retroarch allows us to open almost all of the game console emulators in one place. From the era of pixel games to the latest, almost all of the games are supported. All you need is the ISo file of the game to run.

The emulator itself gives many options and settings to choose from, including a dedicated graphic processor or the video settings like bilinear filtering. Users can even choose the type of shades from the quick menu.

The interface of the emulator is straightforward yet a powerful one. It provides a truckload of features. Easily the best emulator for your Windows PC.

Final Thoughts

So, there are the best xbox one emulators for windows pc and now you can easily play Xbox games on Windows PC or Windows Laptop. You just need to choose which emulators suits you best and enjoy your games.

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