Don’t let the rains wash away your wedding!

Don’t let the rains wash away your wedding!


Monsoon weddings were popularized by the movie, but the question arising is- can they really be carried out with as much ease and grace? Organizing weddings can be a task, but when you want to make it a perfect monsoon wedding, the complexities get 10x magnified. A lot of complications and problems pour in with the rain.

What if the decoration gets hampered? The wedding set is definitely one of the most beautifully decorated places. With flowers, fancy lights, carpets and smiles all over the place, it would be a bummer to let the rain affect any of the perfection. Extra precaution would have to be taken in case of heavy showers. The décor and stage should be strong enough so that they don’t come down because of heavy rain. This requires a professional that understand exactly what needs to be done and how. The food layout and seating will have to be in a sheltered area, to make sure the food is hygienic and healthy.

What if the guests get drenched? It’s crazy how much we invest in looking good on special occasions. The last thing we would want is for it to get messy and uncomfortable because of the rain. It’s extremely important to have well sheltered and plenty of shaded area, for the guests. Even the mandap requires very strong waterproofing to take care of the agni and those sitting around it.

How do you still manage to get the perfect photographs? Firstly, you’ll have to hand-pick your technical essentials carefully. Secondly, the stage should be well protected but keeping in mind that the look of it doesn’t get affected. Thirdly, since the bride and groom will be spending the maximum time there, the makeup used on them will have to be artistic and waterproof.

All these are basic problems, but the major nightmare is- what if a lot of guests don’t turn up to avoid the discomfort? In order to give rest assurance to your guests, you need to make sure you have everything pre-decided and intact. And that’s definitely not a one-man-job. It requires teamwork, intense planning, and well- waterproofing!

There’s not much you can do when the rain unexpectedly decides to say hello on your wedding day, but when you’re planning a wedding in the showering months, the entire guidelines of wedding planning change. And being precautious is the key to a successful wedding.

Monsoon weddings are definitely one of the most romantic and anticipated weddings. Every couple would picture their perfect wedding that way. Don’t give up on the idea of having a wedding amidst mist and greenery just because it’s a task. They say, sharing is caring. So let us take care of everything while you concentrate on making the most of the single most important day of your life.

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