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OYEEEE MEDIA is Celebrity Management House providing the best National and International Artists, Singers and Celebrities for all types of events that you require.

Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline.

– Jim Collins

What we offer

Managing celebrities is synonymous to managing brands. The reputation of a public figure is a process that needs to be supported by commercialized promotional strategies. A celebrity in this sense is the company which has to be represented in the best possible way.

A vital aspect of Oyeeee Media portfolio management includes articulating public appearances of renowned Bollywood actors, sports personalities, writers, directors, musicians, fashion designers, and other significant celebrity figures across various industries. For this, our team works closely with celebrity clients, PR managers, personal agents as well as handlers.

We engage in celebrity product placements through careful examination of the current market appeal. Our endorsements depict the perfect mix and match of commercially famous celebrities and brands for amplifying the popularity of both. We team up with our advertising clients to determine the best possible means of achieving targeted success based on reach, budget, and campaign goals.

Oyeeee Media’s celebrity rich portfolio management team emphasizes on developing meaningful and productive relationships with clients. Our success rate is determined by the trust endowed upon us by our artist and celebrity clientele. Their belief in our impeccable promotional strategies deserves equal credit for the success they witness today with our assistance.

Oyeeee Media perfectly balances out campaign budgets and artist requirements to enhance the experiences of both the audience as well as our clients. As a link between artists, audience, managers, and our clients, we are constantly on our toes to bring about the best possible outcome.

Artists, Singers & Celebrities are available for Wedding & Sangeet Events, Corporate Events, Launching Events, Anniversaries, Award ceremonies and various other events.

  • Actors / Dancers / Performers
  • Singers
  • International Mind Readers
  • Motivational Speakers
  • International Magicians
  • Sand Artists
  • Painters
  • Celebrity Photographers & Chef’s
  • Many More….

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